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Transparent Services

Fostering trust means providing fully transparent services in all areas of business. OPMG's hands-on senior management, in-house support staff and customized financial packages will ensure that your community receives customized services that meet your needs.

Transparent Services
OPMG Services
In the same manner that every individual is unique, so are the needs of each building and its community.

Building Maintenance
Planned, timely maintenance of structural and mechanical building components to reduce costly breakdowns and improve living standards.
Building Maintenance Services To that end, we have developed practical "planned preventative maintenance" programs tailored to incorporate the uniqueness of each client.

Building Maintenance Services

  • 24-hour emergency coverage
  • Preparation of workloads and schedules and evaluation of staffing requirements
  • Monthly building and property inspections
  • Well-planned, preventative maintenance programs
  • Implementation of government regulations as they apply to the housing provider.

Effective financial solutions that manage your buildings with an efficient use of your money.
Financial Services In cooperation with our sector partners, we have introduced programs and cost-saving measures that maximize the value of the services received by housing providers.

Financial Services

  • Timely housing charge collection
  • Complete accounting services as per Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Receivables, payables, processing and banking
  • Preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets
  • Investment of reserve funds

In house legal specialists that cater to a wide range of co-operative related legal services.
Legal Services With the benefits of Bill 14, OPMG have introduced new legal services to co-operative and non-profits communities at a fraction of the price.

Legal Services

Administrative solutions to elevate your communications and ensure rules, bylaws and regulations are followed.
Administration Services Our solutions ensure that stakeholders are kept informed and up-to-date.

Administration Services

  • Timely housing charge collection
  • Complete accounting services as per Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Receivables and payables, processing and banking
  • Preparation of the annual Operating and Capital budgets
  • Investment of reserve funds

Project Management
Capital management and process planning to help you run your building at its greatest potential.
Project Management Services OPMG has various ways to help
housing communities thrive.

Project Management Services

  • Capital project management
  • Capital budget preparation and planning
  • Operating budget preparation and planning
  • Audit preparation
  • Community development initiatives
  • Arrears management and recommendations to the Board
  • By-Law and policy review with recommendations to the Board for improvements
  • Assist co-operative and non-nrofit housing providers with the preparations of business plans to Service Managers specifically dealing with breaches of the Social Housing Reform Act, 2000
  • Preparation and implementation of planned preventative maintenance programs, including preparing schedules of maintenance for mechanical equipment
  • Preparation of Energy Audits, including presentation of final report to the Board of Directors

YARDI-trained staff who provide training and consulting services to Boards who wish to educate their building personnel.
Education The OPMG Board Education program is divided into 1- to
1.5-hour mini lectures held during monthly board meetings.

Board Education Program Topics

  • Decision-making skills
  • Corporate structure of a non-profit and discussion on legislation:
    • Housing Service Act
    • Co-operative Corporations Act
    • Health and Safety Act
  • Board's roles and responsibilities
  • Reading and understanding financial statements:
    • Balance sheet
    • Income statement
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Cash flow statements
  • Risk management
  • Arrears and vacancy management
  • Review of annual planning guide
  • Audits and budgets
  • The Board as employer – staff and firm review:
    • Evaluation of the management firm or staff

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