Ontario Property Management Group

Commitment Pledge

At OPMG, we are committed to helping you build your community.

We strive to improve the lives of residents and Boards with a hassle-free, professional experience. Our pledge is more than just words, it is a reflection of our values and principles:
  1. Act with integrity in all business dealings

  2. Improve curb appeal

  3. Develop hassle-free and safe co-operative and non-profit communities

  4. Actively engage all stakeholders

  5. Strive to maintain low vacancy rates

Our pledge is a reflection of our principles, values, and goals which we strive to achieve for every OPMG client and resident.

Our Goals
  1. Develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the housing providers' Board of Directors and residents. We achieve this objective by respecting all stakeholders and having open, honest communications to determine and achieve the results desired.

  2. Provide professional, personalized advice and service with integrity, responsibility and the highest ethical standards.

  3. Deal fairly and objectively with all contractors, suppliers, professionals and others in the industry.

  4. Maintain and develop long-term relationships with highly qualified, reliable staff who are fairly and appropriately remunerated for their qualifications, performance, and dedication.

  5. Respond promptly and efficiently to our clients' requests and maintain a high level of communication with all parties involved.

  6. Use the same standard of care and diligence in managing your community as we would use in managing our own interest.

Since arriving, you have changed the dynamics of our co-op. I really thank you both for the terrific leadership you are giving and the very quick way you have gotten on board with the situation at the co-op.
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OPMG offers legal services to Co-operatives, Non-Profit Organizations, Landlords, and Tenants

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Resources for Residents
If you are a resident and need repairs or assistance, please fill out a Work Order Form.